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Come Dance With Us

Old Tap Shoes
Dance Class
Ballroom Dancing Lessons

Date Night Dance!

Whether you’ve been dancing with your partner for years or would like to learn new styles of dance, this is a great class for couples!  This is a 5 week session where Miss DC teaches a different style of dance each class.  You will learn to Cha Cha, Swing, Waltz, Two Step and Disco.  No experience needed, so bring our partners and let's dance!

Let's Get Movin'

The Adult Jazz is a beginner, introduction to the world pf Jazz Dance.  In this class, dancers learn a standard warm up and then get to learn the basic principles of Jazz.  The will "dancing through the decades" and the history of where this art form began.  Ms. DC makes this class a blast learning dance styles from the 20's to current times.  This is a class to develop confidence, improve on flexibility, coordination, balance, conditioning/strengthening, memory techniques all while dancing!

Fun for All Ages of Dancer

This is a beginning adult class to learn basic tap steps, combinations while exercising, working on balance, coordination, musicality and just having a great time! This is a 60 minute class with a warm up, across the floor and center work. Ms. DC helps breaks down tap steps and terminology to make it a fun experience. No experience needed, just a smile and a fun attitude to learn.

Express Yourself

This Beginning 60 minute Jazz class is a favorite among many of our dancers who love a challenge and to love to express themselves. Dancers ages 6 -18 years of age are taught the foundations of Jazz Dance.  With a structured beginning warm up, the learn to focus on the entire dancer body and what muscles are vital to build a strong, flexible dancer. They focus on the development of isolations, musicality, and spacial awareness. They develop confidence with center and across the floor work.. They are educated on the foundations of style and learn multi generation music in coordination to numerous dance styles over the generations.

Building a Foundation for Dance

Kindergarten is the next level up from the Creative Dancers Class. This 60 minute class is tailored to the ages of 6-12 years of age. Dancers in this class could have previous dance training or starting at the beginning. This class continues to work on the building blocks of dance education to create a foundation for ballet and other forms of dance. This class focuses on introduce ballet terminology, positions, steps, barre , center and across the floor work.  It promotes creative expression, musicality, developing a strong flexible body while still having fun in the process.

Discovering the love of Dance

Creative Movement is our next level up from our Tiny Dancers Class. This is a 45 minute class where dancers start to learn the basic principles of ballet. They are introduced to ballet terminology and ballet positions. They get a taste of what it feels like to work at the ballet barre to help develop balance, coordination, posture and confidence. The dancers learn to work in the center of the dance floor and taking that next step into working across the floor. Ms. DC uses fun, creative teaching methods & styles to encourage these young dancers to keep them engaged and supported while learning.

This is where it begins

Our Tiny Dancers Class is an introductory class for the very beginning dance student ages 2 - 3 years of age. This 30 minute class focuses on creative movements to help develop coordination, understand a group setting, learn to take instructions, develop flexibility, and musicality in a enjoyable, expressive setting. This class introduces developing confidence and helps with separation anxiety in young children as they continue to explore and learn about the world around them.

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