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Ms. DC brings over 54 years of dance training, performing and experience to DC Dances Montana.  Beginning at the age of 2, Miss DC began her dance journey and has not stopped since.  She has performed professionally singing and dancing in the US, Canada and Japan on stages, in conventions, special events and tv commercials and tv productions. She traveled the world performing for Princess Cruises as their Dance Captain and Senior Assistant CruiseDirector.

Ms. DC spent over 38 years with the Walt Disney World Company in Orlando, Florida.  There, she performed in numerous parades, shows, special events, conventions and tv media offerings.  She then went on to teach and choreograph their parades, shows, conventions, special events and tv media offering. She also spent some time as a Casting Director for the American Idol Experience at the Disney Hollywood Studios.  She throughly enjoyed auditioning guests on vacation and watching their singing talents shine through on the American Idol Stage.

Wanting to continue her next development path, Ms. DC went into Stage Management where she then managed those parades, shows, special events, conventions, tv media offerings and fireworks. Miss DC also continued to choreograph for local theaters and performing arts high schools in Orlando.

While spending all those years performing, Ms. DC also found another passion, teaching.  She taught for over 35 years for local dance studios.  Her joy of sharing her love of dance was something her students loved most about her.  She loved watching those tiny dancers grow into strong, confident, young adults and go out into the world with their own passion for life and dance. 

Ms. DC looks forward to meeting every dancer when they enter the dance classroom and looks forward to watching their own journey of dance blossom.

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